Sunday, November 23, 2014

Monster Energy, Antichrist?

This is a response to the Monster Energy drink accusation made in this video.
Monster energy is evil drink

This lady has convinced quite a few people about her claim since this video went viral.

First mistake is she says "You could have in Hebrew six, six, six" but she moves her finger the wrong way.
Hebrew is read right to left.
Also I think she thinks it being in Hebrew validates it somehow.
Revelation was written in Greek, not Hebrew.

This part is the most dangerous. So I'll break it into her 3 sentences.

1. "What do you see inside the O?"
2. "There's a cross!"
3 ."What does Christ have to do with an energy drink?"

Sentence 1.
This is a strawman, what if we always approached life like this?
"What do you see when you look at a door and imagine the door isn't there?"
A floating doorknob

The cross isn't IN the O, it is a part of the O.
Turns out the font style is called Green Energy
I was most curious about the Q, and there is not steak going through the middle of the Q
There is not.
So what is with the line going through the O?

power button 
I would guess, since it is an energy drink, that it is just a way of saying this drink will start you up.

Sentence 2.
This is the same as pointing out a hidden face on some wallpaper and now that's all you can

Sentence 3.
She draws a comparison, Christ has no thing to do with energy drinks, so it must be something else?
Something evil!

All this sentence proves is that she believes that all intersecting lines refer to God.

This is just swearing, this does nothing to propel her argument.

Upside down cross is a symbol of St.Peter
It is not anti-Christian.

After the video I look up this

Here is how 666 is shown in a Greek manuscript, Rev 13:18
Rev 13:18 greek text
And God answers the question of how 666 would look in Hebrew 2 Chronicles 9:13
2 Chron 9:13 Hebrew text